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It’s absolutely true

12 June, 2022

Once upon a time, some hens lived in a comfortable hen house. During the day, they wandered outside pecking for food. When the sun went down and evening fell, they flew back to their comfortable hen house to roost.

The little white hen

One evening, all the hens were roosting in the hen house. A little white hen started to preen her feathers. Suddenly, one small, white feather came out and fluttered to the ground.

“Oh, dear, there goes one little feather. It doesn’t matter. They say that a little thinning of feathers improves the appearance. So, the more I preen myself the happier I will be”.

The little white hen really said this to herself in fun and not seriously.

But the hen next to her heard it and she could not but repeats it to her neighbour on the other side of her.” Did you hear what that silly little white hen thinks”? She thinks she will become beautiful by plucking out all her feathers”, clucked the gossipy hen.

The owl family who lived above the hen house in a large tree heard this too.

”Goodness, gracious me hooted the mother owl. Have you ever heard of something so silly.

I really must tell my friend, the owl across the way. Soon, the two friends were hooting about the news.

The bats flying around heard it and they squeaked it far and wide.

“A silly little white hen has pulled out her feathers to become beautiful and she is freezing to death. Some say that she is already dead”.

A rooster

Soon, several versions of this story reached a rooster who lived on the other side of the town.

He got up early morning and crowed it to the world Five silly hens have fulled out all their feathers to become beautiful and they have frozen to death.

It is a big loss for the farmer as he is a poor man”.

By and by, the story reached the ears of a journalist who published it in his newspaper in black and white. So, you can see it must be true!