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The legendary four elements crystal gem

12 June, 2022

Once upon a time, there was a magnificent kingdom. The ruler of this kingdom was King Phillious. The people in the kingdom loved their king.

The king also loved the people in his kingdom. There was a very cruel and evil witch in the jungle in that kingdom. One day she decided to destroy King Phllious’s kingdom. She took her magic ball and found a way to destroy the kingdom. She captured the king’s son, the prince, and forced the king to give the throne to her.

The king had no choice but to give her what she wanted because of his son, Prince Matheld. Luckily, the prince managed to escape from the witch because the witch had forgotten to lock the cage. When the witch found out about it, she was really angry and cast a spell to make everyone in the kingdom furious monsters.

The prince made a decision to find a way to destroy the witch. The next day, while he was wandering in the forest, a big firebird appeared in front of him and asked what he is looking for? The prince told the bird what happened in the past.

The bird told him that there was a legendary powerful four-element crystal in a cave inside the jungle.

The prince asked the directions to the crystal and the bird guided him to the cave and said, “you must go inside the cave and face the challenges to prove you are worthy enough to get the power of the gem”.

The prince thanked the bird and went inside the cave. The first challenge was to pass a big frog. He went out of the cave and found some worms and gave it to the frog and the frog moved away from the door.

Then, the prince was able to move to the next challenge. His second challenge had three doors. He had to choose the door which is different from the others. He looked at them carefully and saw a little crack on the third door. He went inside the third door and found the gem. He picked it up and left the cave. He could feel a stream of power flowing in his body.

He got the power to control the four elements namely; earth, water, fire and air.

With the power of the gem, he destroyed the witch and brought peace to the kingdom. Everyone returned to their human selves again.

They celebrated and feasted happily because the witch had been destroyed by their prince Matheld. Later, Prince Matheld got married to a beautiful and kind princess and lived happily ever after.

Chanuka Ranod Senevirathna Abeydiwakara

Grade 7 H

Rahula College