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A student should have good qualities

12 June, 2022

I am writing this essay for all my peers who are studying.

All students should have a vision and it should be that I must become a good citizen of our country. To achieve this vision, we should follow good practices and have good qualities that every student should possess. The first one is respecting others.

We should respect others and then only will we get respect from other people.

Next is kindness. As students we must be kind toour friends, parents, neighbours, teachers and poor people.

Truthfulness is a very important quality that we should possess. At alltimes and in every situation, we should speakthe truth though it may be bitter, we should speak the truth. Discipline, honesty and happiness are very important qualities. Discipline is very important and we should be disciplined. If we are not disciplined,we will not be recognised as good citizens. Patience and being simple is also important.

If we have these qualities we will be considered as a good citizen by society.

Let’s practise good citizenship in our life.

R.H. Yusuf-ul-Haq

Grade 6 C

Matale International school