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The Seven Bulletproof Boys have come a long way

12 June, 2022

To you, Seven,

~If I were to compare you to something, my choice would be a simple flower. Simple yet stunningly pleasing. A flower that is powered by a large spread of strong root system, A flower that has seven petals binned together where when one falls all are weak, working collectively in the rain or hail. As the plant grows the flower will continue to look pretty despite age. But the flower has made a mark, that shall remain forever in hearts~

It has already been nine terrific years, Hasn’t it? From being rookies to world dominating. In fact, now that I am penning this, it makes me wonder why I wasn’t there since that rough beginning. Maybe time doesn’t favour us, in our own will but missing out that chance is something I regret. Yet having to meet you halfway gone was undetermined and surreal. I am constantly thankful enough to you for keeping me constant as well as happy.

Being human sometimes, I find it hard to focus on one thing for practically a long time. But you guys stayed with me for a considerably long span. It’s just not the music that kept me moving on, each of your songs contained a special voice, something that spoke with the message of reality. Just seven strangers lending me a hand to cope with that reality was out of my box. Maybe it is the reason if I lived so long with you in my heart feeling safe and free.


With the debut of ‘No More Dream’, almost all thought that a future was less imaginable. Whereas a handful made sure that there still was a seat for you. With seconds turning to a minute, turning to an hour, your teamwork took to dream work which a world looks up to. You are now blossoming with ‘Yet To Come’.

Like that in Mikrokosmos- Shine, Dream, Smile,- I hope my blank future will be painted with heartfelt pictures you paint using your soothing melodies.

Till now, you have been one of the best attachments I have ever had. Don’t worry it will continue to be the same for me no matter what or how far you are. Talent, humbleness, passion, hard work plus teamwork brought the success that you experience today. It is very clear the way you are still pertaining in an industry so vast. Giving messages using fame attained is something rare that not all do.

There is a saying that, “Sometimes people miles away care for you more than the ones living inches closer”. For the past two years I have to pay gratitude in order because it’s your inspiration that gets me going.

To Kim Namjoon, thanks for making me strong by pointing out my faults in degrading myself. Your words, in songs, speeches always have me going through hard times. Loving myself was something I never considered, until listening to your UN campaign address.

Also as an amazing leader you are really a man that fits the position well, as most of the time your members appreciate your work, we are very proud too. Your figure is definitely one of the impressive persona’s that the world got to see.

Seeing you Kim Seokjin, is where I regained and reinstated my lost self confidence.

Glued together

Sending you much love for keeping the members glued together as well as being the life of the party. Your jokes, silly humour mixed with the windshield laugh is the best for a bad day.

Nevertheless, your visuals alongside vocals are simply amazing to hear, it’s like honey over honey. Your personality expresses that being happy at the moment is free for anyone of age or other condition. Having a eldest member with a free mind is a blessing for the band. Producing music isn’t pretty easy. But you have achieved all the respect for that field.

Coming from a very weak place where you were robbed for your ability, what you have become is exactly deserving. By far your story is encouraging. Problem over problem that you encountered yet didn’t give up staying strong is something that the world must open eyes on that the impossible is possible.


Thank you Min Yoongi for keeping me focused that hard work always pays off with the highest reward. Dancing is an art that no one can conquer. To the dance leader, Jung Hoseok who nails choreography to perfection.

Your street dancing paid off with a huge spot at an industry that not many get a chance in. The stage name, your qualities are what makes me look forward to tomorrow while doing what I love.

Even though life throws stones I keep moving. Also gratitude for looking after the other six more than yourself. You are certainly a hope for the future.

Park Jimin, if hardworking was a personification, in my opinion it is you. Practising till late night on school days, with only two hours for sleep before school proves how your acute magnification of each performance attains that outcome.

Heartfelt gratitude to you for making this dull life bright with your vocal talent. It’s your passion and respect that made me fall for you.

You are incredibly humble that proves your angelic looks weren’t gifted for no reason. You are a pure asset to the team.

Without you Kim Taehyung, life would be as dark as coal. Having an exclusive fitting voice with an adjoining handsome face. The way you are unique without considering others’ opinions always made me awed. The fact that you aren’t swayed with others’ opinions. You were perfectly able to express yourself to the world and show potential because of that.

Bold uniqueness

If anyone tends to question me what or how you inspired me, it shall always be your bold uniqueness that gave me a taste, in the world it’s you and yourself.

In the world there are a lot of people with just one talent. Jeon Jungkook, you are a rare man. From singing, dancing, drawing, cooking etc you really have numerous talents that not everyone can do.

Keeping that aside, you are an extreme perfectionist, I am not saying that it’s not good. But as a perfectionist seeing you handle situations expertly and professionally tells a whole lot. You were only just a 16 year old when you came to start, well now you are in your mid twenties it’s actually what you sowed that you reaped.

We are human beings living on Earth that doesn’t favour us. Our fate and destiny lie different to each other making some things impossible. But fates and destinies can be changed by ourselves, if anyone asks or ponders how, I am capable of giving an answer with a great example.

Started at low level

Since 2013 from being the rookies of a company that started at a low level, to singing for labels worldwide the far is still a long way.

In the beginning people ignored your words that meant a lot, yet do you see how the tables have turned? Now you speak at events that you would not have got the chance to. I am hundred percent sure you, your families and friends are really proud of you, by chance being a fan of you I am proud as well.

Not many music bands come as far as you have come. Your togetherness brings in a lot of advantages, everyone is visibly able to experience that unbreakable brotherhood for sure. It’s nothing to say that many envy you guys for it.

Well, if people do envy, then we are doing the right thing. So, keep on doing your best humbly.

Working hard to achieve what you want in the way you desire is unseeingly not possible for any of the people. But you have proved it wrong, by showing that despite factors if you love what you do by still believing in oneself and keeping on being unique with self-love, your target is not that so far away to be hit in the bull’s eye. You had a rough winter, a long one where you had a struggle to keep up.

But with strength you held on together and bloomed a flower in an eternal spring. This is to the seven boys that came so far, you have already carved a deep unforgettable mark in history. You are bulletproof now.