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Expand your vocabulary

19 June, 2022

Circle A, B, C, or D that most accurately fits the meaning and check your answers with the key.

1. Ravish
A. to enrapture
B. infest
C. burn
D. kill
2. Ravage
A. complicate
B. devastate
C. undermine
D. hide
3. Anonymous
A. quiet
B. censored
C. nameless
D. breathless
4. Autonomous
A. impulsive
B. self-governing
C. authoritative
D. self-driven
5. Garrulous
A. talkative
B. old
C. vindictive
D. honest
6. Querulous
A. complaining
B. chatty
C. questioning
D. quarrelsome
7. Exigent
A. intelligent
B. brutal
C. urgent
D. accidental
8. Exiguous
A. close
B. scanty
C. difficult
D. smooth
9. Vindicate
A. try out
B. to criticize
C. prove one’s innocence
D. take revenge
10. Validate
A. confirm
B. absolve
C. empty out
D. destroy
11. Devolve
A. expand
B. pass on
C. circle
D. demolish
12. Evolve
A. extend
B. develop gradually
C. sort out
D. create
13. Civil
A. polite
B. elegant
C. democratic
D. rude
14. Civic
Pertaining to
A. good health
B. a city
C. patriotism
D. government
15. Deprecate
A. destroy
B. disapprove
C. applaud
D. praise
16. Depreciate
A. restrain
B. reject
C. devalue
D. approve
17. Apprise
A. inform
B. dissemble
C. review
D. disseminate
18. Appraise
A. estimate
B. comprehend
C. question
D. invalidate
19. Dogmatic
A. scholarly
B. stuffy
C. opinionated
D. foolish
20. Didactic
A. instructive
B. monotonous
C. brilliant
D. lethargic
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. B
5. A
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. C
10. A
11. B
12. B
13. A
14. B
15. B
16. C
17. A
18. A
19. C
20. A
05 – 10 Correct:
11 – 15 Correct:
16 – 20 Correct: