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Safety at home

19 June, 2022

Safety starts from home. We must always try and keep ourselves safe from accidents. By staying safe we can avoid getting hurt.

We should handle electrical appliances with care. We must never play with electrical appliances.

We should not operate electrical items with wet hands. We should not play with washing machines and dish washer.

In the kitchen, we should keep ourselves away from the cooking range, gas cylinder and fire. We must not play with sharp things such as knives, scissors and other tools.

We should handle medicines carefully. We should not take any medicine without asking our parents.

Medicines can be very harmful and can make us ill. While staying alone at home, we should never open the door to strangers.

It is very important to follow all these safety measures at home.


Kisan Ransika Amarasinghe,

Grade 9 B,

Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa.