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Sleeping Beauty

19 June, 2022

Once a upon a time a very kind and just king ruled over a large kingdom. His queen was beautiful and kind too.

One day, this royal couple had a beautiful baby girl and they were overjoyed.


A grand christening was held and the baby princess was named Aurora. Some good fairies came to the christening party. When they saw the beautiful, baby princess they said,” how beautiful she is”.

The good fairies cast spells for the princess to be kind and clever. Suddenly, the christening party was interrupted by the arrval of a bad fairy who was angry at not being invited for the party. She looked at the baby princess and said, ”how beautiful she is “.

A terrible spell

But the bad fairy was very wicked and she cast a terrible spell over the baby princess.

“The princess will prick her finger on a needle and die” cried the bad fairy for all to hear.

Everyone was aghast and sad.

Then, a good fairy who had not spoken before spoke. “The princess will not die. She will prick her finger and fall asleep for a hundred years”.

The king ordered that all the spinning wheels in the kingdom to be hidden.

As the years went by Princess Aurora grew to be very beautiful, generous and kind.

A spinning wheel

One day, while wandering through the enormous castle she came across a spinning wheel. As she had never seen one before she became curious about it. She sat at the spinning wheel and tried to work it. But, as the bad fairy had said, Princess Aurora pricked her finger on the needle and fell into a deep sleep.

As soon as the princess fell asleep the king, queen and everyone at the castle including the animals and birds fell asleep.

As the years passed a thick hedge of thorns sprang up around the castle.

A hundred years went by.

A prince

One day, a prince came riding by and he saw the thick hedge of thorns and the castle beyond it.

His curiosity aroused the prince walked up to the thorny hedge and slashed at the thorns.

After a while, he managed to clear a space in the hedge and stepped into the overgrown castle grounds.

A kiss

The massive door to the castle was open with guards fast asleep beside it. The prince walked in and saw the beautiful princess fast asleep. He was struck by her beauty and bent and kissed her.

The moment the prince kissed her the princess woke up.

The king and the queen and the others in the castle woke up too.

The prince asked princess Aurora to marry him and she said, “yes”.

They had a grand wedding and lived happily ever after.