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World Environment Day

19 June, 2022

Our environment is the most important thing for us to survive on earth. Without it we can’t survive even for a single day.

All living things such as animals, plants, micro organisms and non living things such as water, air, and soil on this earth come uunder the environment. The earth is considered as the only planet in the universe with an environment which supports life.

The environment gives us countless benefits that we can’t repay to it in our entire life.

World Environment Day fell on June 5 . It was celebrated by people in more than a hundred countries. The World Environment Day celebrations are led by the United Nations

Environment programs for this day have been celebrated annually since 1974. The main purpose of this day is to spread awareness about the conservation of our environment for future generations.

This year Sweden hosted World environment day based on the theme ‘Only One Earth’.

The theme highlights the possibilities for shifting to more sustainable, greener life styles.

The pollution and over use of natural resources will create a situation where there will be no resources for consumption in the future.

Human activities are the major cause of environmental pollution and over use of natural resources.

Therefore,it is essential to conduct awareness programs to educate people about the importance of conservation of our environment.

As children we also can participate in the World Environment Day celebrations in different ways such as planting a new tree in our home garden, minimising waste of water, electricity and other resources and making posters and leaflets.

Not only on this special day but we will have to be concerned about the environment every day of our life. ‘Add greenery to the environment’ to make it fresh and alive.

Pavanya Samaranayake,

Grade7 I,

Musaeus College,

Colombo 7.