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Pina’s bad luck

26 June, 2022

Pina who lived in a remote village in the Land of Nowhere was an orphan. His parents died when he was a toddler. Without parental care he found it difficult to attend school or learn a trade. He began to do odd jobs in the village.

One day, he would help a man who is building a wattle and daub hut. On another day, he would work in a field without getting paid.

However, poor villagers gave him food and clothing. The only problem was that he had no hut to live in. He made the village ambalama (wayside resting place) his home as nobody else was living there.

A pingo load of pottery

One day, the village potter gave Pina a pingo load of pottery to be sold. During the day, he carried the pingo load of pottery and managed to sell a few pots and pans.

In the evening he returned to the ambalama.

While Pina was fast asleep a four-legged stranger stormed the ambalama and destroyed all the pottery he had.

When he woke up he saw a raging bull running away from the ambalama.

The Village Headman who was going for a stroll early in the morning saw Pina and the damaged pottery. He also saw the raging bull at a distance. He exclaimed,


Ambalame Pina

Walankadak gena

Ekabindapu gona

Ekata mata ina”


(I saw Pina at the ambalama and his pingo load of pottery was damaged by a bull. I could not help laughing)