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The shepherdess and the chimney sweep

26 June, 2022

Well-loved tales

Long ago, there was a big mansion and in it were many beautiful things.

Porcelain figurines

On a mantelpiece, stood several porcelain figurines. There was a beautiful shepherdess complete with a crook and a good looking chimney sweep with a ladder. They loved each other and therefore, stood close together.

Standing a little away from them was the porcelain figure of an old Chinaman wearing a large hat and he could nod his head. He claimed that he was the shepherdess’s grandfather and that he had complete control over her.

An ugly, strange carving

Standing next to the fireplace was a glass - fronted cupboard. In it was an ugly, strange carving and it was called the ‘Billygoat’s legs’. The shepherdess was very scared of it.

However, one day, ‘Billygoat’s legs’ asked the Chinaman’s permission to marry the shepherdess. Even though he knew that the shepherdess was frightened of ‘Billygoat’s legs’, the old Chinaman nodded and gave his consent to the marriage.

The poor shepherdess was very upset. She sobbed and asked the chimney sweep to help her escape to the big, wide world.

In the night, the shepherdess and the chimney sweep quietly climbed down the mantelpiece and silently made their way to the stove.

“We can escape up the chimney” whispered the chimney sweep to the shepherdess. Unluckily, as they crept into the stove the door creaked and the sound woke the Chinaman. When he saw them getting into the stove he shook with tag and shouted “Stop them”.

After a long and difficult climb the shepherdess and the chimney sweep climbed out of the chimney and sat on the edge of it. Millions of stars twinkled in the sky and below them lay the city.

Oh,! What a big world. I am scared. I wish I was back on the mantelpiece wailed the shepherdess. The chimney sweep tried to stop the shepherdess from going back but she only sobbed louder. Finally, the chimney sweep agreed to go back .

The shepherdess and the chimney sweep climbed down the chimney again. When they came out of the stove they saw the Chinaman lying on the ground in pieces.

He had shaken so much with rage that he had fallen off the mantelpiece to the ground.

When the shepherdess saw the Chinaman in pieces she started crying saying that it was all her fault that the Chinaman was broken. The chimney sweep comforted her saying that the Chinaman could easily be mended. And he was right.

A rivet

The Chinaman was mended but he had to have a rivet in his neck.

One day, Billygoat’s legs asked the Chinaman’s permission to marry the shepherdess.

The shepherdess and the chimney sweep were very frightened that the Chinaman would agree to Billygoat’s legs request.

However, the Chinaman could not move his head because of the rivet but he was ashamed to admit it. So, he didn’t nod his head. Yjus, the shepherdess and the chimneys were able to stay together ever after.