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Why trees are our best friends

26 June, 2022

Trees are one of the greatest blessings for humans and animals from Mother Earth. Without trees on earth, humans and animals cannot live. like this. There are different types of trees and plants, bushes, grass, creepers and climbers.

Trees inherited the earth long before humans. We get many benefits from trees. Also, trees share many things with us like oxygen, food, herbs, flowers, timber, seeds and shade. Trees are home for many animals, birds and insects.

We should not cut down trees regularly but protect them. Even the Buddha, advised people to protect and respect trees and nature. All kinds of plants absorb harmful gases and refresh the air. So, we cannot imagine what our lives would be without trees.

We use wood to make various products and because of that trees get cut every day.

Because of the growing population forests are being turned into villages and manufacturing areas. All countries have imposed many rules on the cutting trees and encourage people to plant more.

It says when you plant a tree, you plant a life.


Irdhi NimtharaThilakaratna

Grade 4 - B

Musaeus College

Colombo 7