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Floods recede - displaced people return home

7 August, 2022

Hundreds of people who had been displaced by the recent strong winds and heavy rains are now returning to their homes with the floods receding, Disaster Management Centre (DMC) Assistant Director Pradeep Kodippili told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

The Meteorology Department, according to Kodippili, forecasts that strong winds would last for some time. Duty Officer at the Meteorology Department, Malith Fernando said that gusts of strong winds at 50 to 70 kilometres per hour are expected in the seas but not on land.

He said that the strong winds would gradually subside on land next week. “Wind speeds on land are expected to range between 40 and 50 kilometres per hour.”

The rains would also cease, he said adding, “You probably got the last of heavy rains on Friday and Saturday.”

The recent strong winds and floods caused by heavy rains affected over 1,940 families.

Five people were killed as a result of floods, failures on high cut slopes, and cutting failures of hill slopes and roads, according to Disaster Management Centre sources.

Three people died in Ambagamuwa, Nuwara Eliya, one in Pasbagekorale, Kandy and the other in Kalthota, Ratnapura.

According to Kodippili, the worst affected districts are Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura, Matara and Hambantota.

As part of its disaster management operations, the Disaster Management Centre relocated the displaced families to 12 safe locations and provided them with food and shelter for a week. They are returning to their homes as the situation improves, Kodippili said.

According to DMC’s hazard mapping, strong winds and rains damaged over 600 homes and buildings since August 1.

Over 140 commercial structures were completely or partially destroyed.

Over 13,700 people have been affected by the weather across the country since August 1.