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Let the pearl shine

14 August, 2022

The pearl of the Indian Ocean, the luscious island, the gem of South-Asian tourism, Sri Lanka awaits the Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 international crown that is to take place in Thailand in September 2022. Local elites, celebrities and even government officials including the Sri Lankan Tourism Bureau witnessed the magnificent Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 pageant last July, organised by Thilini De Silva, the National Director and the crown bearer of many international pageants.

For tourism, Sri Lanka offers a mix of extraordinary attractions including its vivacious beaches, wildlife parks, rainforests, up-country tea plantations, ancient ruins, Buddhist cultural sites and deep-rooted Ceylon festivals, Ayurveda and traditional food and beverages. The tourist industry makes a significant contribution to the national economy by directly contributing to the Government budget, foreign exchange earnings and employment generations. Tourism was identified as the third largest and fastest growing source of foreign currency exchanging, which unfortunately was badly affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic that struck Sri Lanka in 2019.

Economic crisis

During 2019, while the whole world faced a global crisis, Sri Lanka too experienced a continuous ride of economic crisis, starting from the deadly Easter Bombings, the Covid-19 pandemic, tax cuts, money creations, a nationwide policy to shift to organic farming and the political crisis due to the power struggle leading to a huge loss in the tourism industry of the country. The tourism industry acts as one of the main trades to boost the economy of a country during such crisis.

To boost the tourist trade of the country, Sri Lanka must plan ahead in re-selling its most famous world heritage attractions, hosting festivals as well as international events like pageants and concerts that promote tourism.

Women working in the tourism sector of Sri Lanka were disproportionately affected when unemployment stroke due to the pandemic and crisis. Although Sri Lanka was experiencing a critical crisis, the strong woman, the iron lady, the activist and an eternal queen, Thilini De Silva, brought herself forward as the National Director of the Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022 pageant to showcase the hidden beauties, intelligence and woman power to the world. She has always portrayed the dignified role in the society for the well-being of children and women and her commitment in uplifting the Sri Lankan tourism industry has become her main objective in life.

Living standards of women

Thilini had a desire to ignite the ashes and give light to others, by revealing the world about our Sri Lanka, which is nurtured by our unique food patterns, history and an overwhelming knowledge system that plays a significant role in attracting foreigners to visit Sri Lanka.

Thilini fulfilled her duties and responsibilities by sharing her experience of the local and international crowns she had won with the married women who were a part of Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022. It is no secret that at present there is a need to strictly implement strategies to uplift the living standards of Sri Lankan women and children.

As the Mrs Tourism International Sri Lanka 2019 crown bearer, Thilini de Silva focused on all such areas, with passion of uplifting the living standards of oppressed women and children. She is at the forefront of equipping a country’s population with ‘knowledge’ about natural beauty as well.

Thilini believed that one’s life will begin to change positively from the moment she begins to value herself. Thilini’s will power and strength as a woman are must praised factors when it comes to hosting and directing an event like Mrs Tourism Sri Lanka 2022.