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My favourite country

11 September, 2022

My favourite country is the United States of America. It is also known as USA. America is in the continent of North America and is very close to Canada. America is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

USA has 50 provinces and Washington D.C. is the Capital of USA. It has a very long history of about 1,000 years. Christopher Columbus had discovered this country.

George Washington was the first President of USA. After him, many Presidents have governed this country. The present President is Joe Biden and he is the 46th President.

USA has wonderful natural beauty. Annually, thousands of locals and foreign tourists visit this country. There are 24 world heritage sites in USA. The Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Grand Canyon National Park and the Carlsbad Caverns are some of them. The world famous great lakes are also in USA.

There are many of rainforests, waterfalls and rivers. In New York City, there are many modern and tall buildings. Disneyland is a popular tourist destination. Children all around the world as well as adults like to visit Disneyland.

People in America, are very polite, helpful, respectful and lovely. They always like to help others. They are very creative.

American people have high achievements in their work. USA is a developed country. All the people in USA are educated.

I like the USA, because of their culture. They have a strange culture. In a year, there are several cultural festivals. One day I will visit the USA.



D.D. Arnya Gayathmi Roshell

Grade 8-A

Newstead Girls’ College