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My fish tank

11 September, 2022

I have a big fish tank. It’s made of glass. There is white sand at the bottom. I put some pink and yellow shells on the white sand. I grew some green sea weeds in my fish tank.

I have many fish of different colours in my fish tank. There are gold, red, yellow and black fish. The gold fish is the most beautiful. They swim fast here and there and up an down and look very pretty.

I feed my fish daily with rich fish food. They eat and grow well. All my friends visit to see my fish tank. They say “It is wonderful!” I am very glad. I love my fish tank.


Liyah Mursith

Grade 6 (EM) (ALIF English Elocution Unit)

AK/AS-Siraj Maha Vidyalaya (N/S)