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Enjoy what’s on your plate without wasting time

18 September, 2022

Do you really believe that it is important to do what you like to do (Given the fact that it doesn’t hurt you or others)? I do! Why? Simply because I need moral satisfaction and accomplishments more than anything!

Now, I am not talking about the occupation that you’re into but anything that we are engaged in, in our routine lives. At the end of the day, what really matters is to feel accomplished and that feeling can’t be plundered by money! Thus, doing things you like (in good terms) matters!

The pivotal, vital fact is that we ought to find ways to enjoy our routine engagements such as the occupation and household activities. If you can’t find ways to enjoy them then definitely, you’ll become mentally tired and stressed of dealing with them on a regular basis. Add something interesting (that makes you motivated) in the middle of the main chores without hindering the expected outcome. Aesthetics would be a nice candidate. Listening to songs and music, writing, drawing whatever you like can relax you and make you happy while you’re engaged in the routines.

Even If you enjoy the daily errands, I believe you still need to do what you like other than your daily routine because the mind and body would love to observe things differently. If you like to travel and admire nature, then find time despite your chores. If you’re keen on being engaged in a sport, then allocate some hours from your weekly calendar for that.

If you like to watch movies and discuss them with family and friends, then do so! If you like gardening, then use your spare time for that. If you like to meditate you must do it! You must console yourself before consoling others. Well, it is not being selfish but having selflove!

The things you do for your self-satisfaction within the boundaries, will bring you joy and more importantly the moral accomplishment which is vital in the context of the contemporary busy professional arena.

Don’t let yourself be a slave in your own backyard, don’t be a professional who only try to fulfill work, but try to always see avenues to enjoy your work and learn new trends and techniques from your workplace. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is really essential in the contemporary professional work regardless of the domain that you are engaged in. Money only can’t buy moral accomplishment. While making yourself accomplished, try to accomplish some socio-economic needs within your capacity, as a professional.

Do you feel that you lack hours from your calendar?

Are you someone who always think to yourself “I simply don’t have time to complete the desired work?” If so, this article is for you. As a working professional, I simply don’t agree if someone says that he or she does not have time for something. It is all about time management. Before spinning it out someone or even thinking about within you, think of seconds, minutes, and hours that you waste in-front of digital screens! Think of seconds, minutes, and hours you waste by repeatedly thinking of things that is beyond your control. If you are that kind of a person then, soon you need to arrange ways to manage your time. Think about the priceless time that you waste before you go on making statement like “I don’t have time for that.”

Simple tips:

  •  Don’t touch any smart device if you have not completed something that you planned to
  •  Have 2o minute straight fruitful work pattern before you look at your smart device
  •  If you can’t avoid checking the social media platforms that you are actively engaged in, then try to disable those applications from your phone temporarily (say while at work)
  •  Keep your smart device in silent mode when you’re engaged in productive work. The aim here is to keep your concentration not on your smart device but on the work

While waiting in queues

What do you normally do when you’re in the queues these days?

First-of-all, you must step into queues unless otherwise there is no other option. In other words, if you and family really need you to be in the queue.

  •  Read, write, draw while you are waiting in the queues: Use your waiting time for something productive. Let your aesthetic human being come-out while you wait for Petrol, Diesel or LPG
  •  If you’re a working IT person, you always can work while you wait in the vehicle
  •  Don’t forget to drink water and eat while you are waiting as your health is the utmost important aspect

Always have the impression that time is Platinum that no one should waste.

The writer is a chartered engineer with over 14 years of industry experience in the Software Industry.