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Marie Curie

18 September, 2022

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw on November 7,1867. She studied at Warsaw’s Clandestine Flying University and began her practical scientific training.

In 1891, at the age of 24 she went to study in Paris where she earned her higher degrees and conducted her subs- equent scientific work.

In 1895, she married a physicist name Pierre Curie. She shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics with Pierre and Henri Becquerel for their pioneering work developing the theory of radioactivity.

Marie won the 1911 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for discovering polonium and radium which are elements.

During World War I she developed mobile radiography units to provide X-ray services to hospitals. She received numerous honours and tributes. In 1995, she became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits.

She is also known as Madame Curie and died in 1934 at the age of 66.


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