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My dream

18 September, 2022

My dream is to become a doctor. My favourite subject in school is science which is beneficial for me to achieve my aim. Why I need to become a doctor is to help others by curing their illness-especially poor people whom I will treat free. I hope I will be able to save many lives.

I like to help others and I will be able to do it by being a doctor; moreover, it is my passion too. In addition to this, I am wholeheartedly ready to put the patients before myself.

In such circumstances like the Covid-19 pandemic, doctors are sacrificing their lives to protect the patients at any cost.

My parents encourage me to become a doctor and this is my biggest strength. Even though, some people say that studying to be doctor is hard, I will accept all challenges and work hard to achieve my dream. I hold fast to my dream and will attain it soon.


Rizdha Rifai

Grade 8-A

MH – School of Excellence