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The terrible Mariana Trench

18 September, 2022

The Mariana Trench is the deepest trench in the world. The depth is about 1034 metres. It is semi-circular or crescent shaped. Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, can be buried in the Mariana Trench, but the peak would be 2103 metres below sea level.

Location and physical characteristics:

The Mariana Trench is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is about 1,580 miles long and 43 miles wide. The Mariana Trench is named after the Mariana Islands.

The Mariana Trench temperature is very low. The pressure here is about a thousand times that of the sea. Due to this collision, one surface is pushed away from the other and goes down. The bottom of the Mariana Trench is yellowish in colour.

The reason is that decayed plant and animal parts are constantly deposited at the botton of the trench. The depth was first measured using sound waves. Warm water vents are found in the Mariana Trench on the ocean floor.

Creation of the Mariana Trench : It was created by the collision of two large ocean surfaces. By moving downwards, the surface has sunk below the outer layer of the earth. Thus, a big problem has been created due to the sunken surface of the two problematic surfaces.

The right of the Mariana Trench : According to the Exclusive Economic Zones, a country has the right to living resources in the sea only up to 200 nautical miles from its coast. Accordingly, the United States of America has the right to the Mariana Trench.


Jithum Nimtharu

Grade 6-A

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