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Call to investigate football activities

18 September, 2022

Former president of Football Sri Lanka Anura de Silva has in a letter addressed to the Minister of Sports called for an investigation into alleged irregularities committed by the current administration under president Jaswar Umar.

He made the revelation while addressing a press briefing at the Nippon Hotel on Friday.

He claimed that according to the way the current administration is functioning the sport is heading for disaster and Umar was living on borrowed time unable to hold the annual election of office bearers.

He also charged that Umar was violating the Constitution by attempting to replace it with a new one.

He also questioned what he called the alleged mismanagement of funds provided by FIFA and the AFC which he said amounted to 3.5 million US dollars.

“We have to find out why they used up such a large amount of money and for what purpose,” said De Silva.

“Our players train only for a few weeks and we expect them to win at international level playing against countries which get their players trained for months and months. If the money was used for training our teams, then we would have come out on top,” said De Silva.