Sri Lanka’s only Olympic umpire turns 85 | Sunday Observer
Jayampathy Perera:

Sri Lanka’s only Olympic umpire turns 85

18 September, 2022

Having known Jayampathy from 1957, it gives me great pleasure to pen his outstanding achievements as an umpire, player and administrator.

No doubt he was Sri Lanka’s best ever umpire during a long and illustrious career, having achieved the highest grade of International Class I Olympic and World Cup Umpire.

In 1984 he reached the pinnacle of his amazing career when he umpired at the 23rd Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA. He would have been in the top bracket by being selected to blow in five matches and reserve umpire in three matches.

He umpired in Germany vs USA, Malaysia vs USA, Australia vs India, Great Britain vs Pakistan and Spain vs Holland.

You much have nerves of steel to umpire India vs Pakistan matches. Indeed he had and was invited to blow in all eight Tests which were played in several venues all over India.

Some other notable achievements I have selected are:

9th Asian Games in New Delhi 1982 - three matches including semi-final India vs Japan.

10th Asian Games in South Korea – four matches including final– Pakistan vs South Korea.

As a player he represented the CR & FC and Havelock SC in ‘A’ division tournaments conducted by the Colombo HA.

At the National Hockey Championships, he played for both Government and Nationalised Hockey Associations at seven championships, captaining the latter.

He had the distinction of playing for CR & FC vs Maharashtra State; Government Services vs Delhi Wanderers and Alahabad State during the golden era of Indian hockey.

In the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation he held positions of Vice President, Hony Secretary, Chairman of Umpires Committee and Tournament Director at numerous tournaments. He was a stalwart of the Colombo HA, serving as Vice President and Hony General Secretary for over a decade among other vital positions.

After a distinguished record at St Thomas’ College, Matale, Jayampathy secured employment at Mackwoods Ltd, from 1957 to 1959, the Insurance Corporation for 38 years from 1960 to 1997 and retired at 60 years. Thereafter, he worked at Brown & Company for a decade as a Consultant. His expertise was recognised again when he was offered the position as consultant at LOLC from 2007 which he steadfastly held up to 2019 – indeed a grand young man at the age of 82. Jayampathy celebrated his 85th birthday last Sunday.