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We should protect the environment

25 September, 2022

The environment means the natural world in which people, plants and animals live. This should be unpolluted and healthy for the well-being of all living things. Some people don’t think that they are a part of the environment. Pollution occurs due to this kind of misguided thinking.

The environment can be polluted in many ways. Some of them are water pollution, sound pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.

Much of this pollution can be prevented. We can burn waste paper and some other flammable materials. The other waste can be buried. The local authorities should take action to destroy and recycle the garbage.

We also must plant trees wherever and whenever possible to prevent pollution.

Otherwise, the polluted environment makes all human beings unhealthy.

K.A. Omasha Dewmini
Grade 9
Bapa/Minu Nawana Maha Vidyalaya