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Housing projects to re-start soon

25 September, 2022

The Chairman of the National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) Rajeev Sooriyaarachchi said that the housing projects that had to be temporarily stopped in the past due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the economic crisis are expected to start soon. The NHDA Chairman said this while participating in the inauguration of the Mihindupura Housing Project in Kirulapona, Colombo consisting of 560 houses for the middle income people on Thursday.

He said the authority has identified many new projects to be launched start in the future and is ready to negotiate with investors from many countries.

“One of the main problems is we have not been able to complete a project on time. There are various reasons for that. Many projects had to be stopped due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis faced by the country,” he said.

He said “We have to move forward today, as a country with a positive mindset. The NHDA has prepared many plans for that as an institution. We are working to implement them as soon as possible. We hope to finish this project soon with the support of all parties.’’

This project will be jointly implemented with NHDA and the C.D.C. Industrial Infas Company in Hyderabad, India under the instructions of the Minister of Urban Development and Housing Prasanna Ranatunga.

This housing project will consist of two towers with 24 floors while 420 houses of 650 square feet and 140 houses of 850 square feet will be included. The construction work is to be completed in 36 months and the total investment for the project is US$ 51 million.