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Cemex HRM launches affordable payroll for Micro SMEs

2 October, 2022

Cemex HRM recently announced the launch of Cemex EZ, a tailor made solution for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to automate HR functions at an affordable price. Cemex EZ is enabled with a cloud plug and play solution making adoption of attendance, leave management and payroll that much easier for the Micro SME sector.

Expressing his views on this new initiative, Sandun Fernando, COO, Cemex HRM said “Any businesses with just a small number of employees have some HR duties which can take time if you don’t perform them efficiently. In a situation like this, an easy to use HR software that can help automate the routine HR functions for an affordable monthly fee will be valuable. You’ll spend far less time on HR management and far more time on core business functions. We have come up with Cemex EZ which caters to the small and startup stage businesses. The system setup is quite easy and customers can start using the system within 24 hours of signing up, with no setup charges. Any small business who wishes to have Cemex EZ can pay the monthly fee in local currency. In addition, the system is quite user-friendly, fully automated and the customer can set up the system themselves as we provide comprehensive video tutorials.”

“We believe that MSMEs provide strong support for the Sri Lankan economy and Cemex HRM wanted to make sure that we enhance ease of doing business for them by supporting their growth through human resource management.