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Asoka College Cubboree

2 October, 2022

A three-day camp was organised by the Cub Scout Group of Asoka College, Colombo 10, from September, 16-18, 2022 parallel to the 13th National Cubboree.

The Deputy Secretary of Education, Western Province, Mahendra Wijethunge was the Chief Guest at the Opening Ceremony. The Director of Education, Primary Colombo Zone, Shyama Perera, the Principal of Asoka College, Captain Y. Yasarathna, the Scout Leader, Colombo District Branch of the Sri Lanka Scout Association, Pushpa Perera, Assistant Principal, B.D.H. Udawatta, Assistant Principal (Primary Section), Sripali Indika and all the teachers of the Primary Section participated in the Opening Ceremony.

A concert, a physical fitness program, recreational activities such as a BWF badge program, creative handwork and arts, aesthetic activities including drama, songs around the world and also some religious activities of all religions practised in Sri Lanka were organised to develop a balanced personality in the cubs. District Commissioner (Colombo), Amil Abesundara, (A.D.C. Cub Colombo) and Chandrika Abesundara joined the cubs on the second day.

The Deputy Principal of Asoka College, D. P. Attygala, Assistant Principal, T.G.B.D. Rathnavali, Assistant Principal, Indika Sripali and all the teachers of the Primary Section of Asoka College attended the closing ceremony on the third day. Twenty-five cubs who earned ‘Gold Stars’ were awarded certificates at the closing ceremony.

A special thank you to Commander Chamara Meepawala and his team from the Sri Lanka Navy for the valuable contribution and support given for the physical activities of the Cubboree and the teachers In-Charge of the Cub Scout Group of Asoka College, Inoka Kulatunga and Rasika Weerasinghe for their dedicated service in organising this event successfully.