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Little frog Oliver

2 October, 2022

Little frog Oliver and his mother lived in a beautiful pond near a big forest.

One day, when Oliver woke up in the morning he felt sick. He went to the kitchen to find his mother. “Mom, I am not feeling good today”, Oliver said. “Oh Oliver, don’t go to play outside today.”

But Oliver did not listen to his mother. He went to play with his friends in the pond. In the evening when he went to bed, Oliver was very sick. Oliver’s mother called the doctor immediately. The doctor gave Oliver a very big injection and some bitter pills too. Oliver had to stay in bed for a long time.

He was very sad because he missed his school and friends. Also he had to swallow bitter pills every day.

Thereafter, Oliver decided that he will never disobey his mother again.


Shanel Reinie Marisa

Grade 4-B

St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4.

(Negombo Branch)