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Oliver Twist

2 October, 2022

Oliver Twist was an orphan born in a workhouse. When he asked for more food he was locked up in a dark room and given to a man named Sowerberry.

He was an undertaker. He made coffins. Dead bodies were put into coffins and buried.

Soweberry’s wife didn’t like Oliver. She said Oliver was a little boy and little boys ate a lot and did very little work. She caught Oliver by his ear and pulled it once or twice. “This is to keep you in place from the beginning,” she said.

Then she pushed Oliver down a stairway leading to a dirty, dark kitchen. Oliver nearly struck his head against the half broken rails and went rolling down. He was given to eat, the meat kept for the dog.

Oliver’s mouth watered as in the workhouse he had never eaten meat but only thin soup. He ate a whole plate of meat.

In the night Oliver slept in a coffin. Sowerberry’s wife said that she had no bed to give Oliver. Oliver was frightened to death.


Habeeba Mufeel

Grade 9

Hafsa Ladies Arabic College