Clarification | Sunday Observer


20 November, 2022

Reference to our last Sunday’s lead story “Opposition leader’s delay, an impediment to Independent Commissions”, the Department of Communication of Parliament in a letter signed by Director Legislative Services/ Director Communication (Acting) of Parliament H.E. Janakantha Silva has sent us the following clarification.

“The Sunday Observer on 13.11.2022 through its article titled “Opposition leader’s delay, an impediment to Independent Commissions” had made an inaccurate assertion that the appointment of independent commissions has been delayed due to delays of the Leader of the Opposition.

“The Speaker as the Chairman of the Constitutional Council wishes to inform that the above reference is completely incorrect and the Leader of the Opposition has been supportive in expediting the appointment of members to the Constitutional Council.

“Followed by the discussions the Speaker, Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition had, applications have been called from the public, for the appointment of persons who are not Members of Parliament as members of the Constitutional Council. The deadline to forward such applications is November 28, 2022.”