Office for Overseas Sri Lankans to be set up next month | Sunday Observer

Office for Overseas Sri Lankans to be set up next month

20 November, 2022

The Government will take steps to set up an office called the Office for Overseas Sri Lankans next month.

The office will attract Sri Lankans across the globe to invest in Sri Lanka and also focus on promoting tourism and exports.

Foreign Affairs Ministry sources said a fund named, Overseas Sri Lankan’s Fund will be set up to support it.

A Cabinet paper to set up the new office will be presented next week. It will be under the supervision of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the sources said.

Sri Lankans living abroad can join it directly and support the country’s progress.

After it is set up, the Overseas Sri Lankans’ Office will obtain the cooperation of all Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and other Sri Lankans to build the country.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has invited Sri Lankans living abroad to help rescue the country from its present financial distress.

He recently met Sri Lankans in London and discussed how they could help the country’s economy by investing in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankans in London decided to introduce themselves as Sri Lankans abroad instead of ‘Diaspora’.