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Felicia Perera played a big role to serve society

27 November, 2022
Felicia Perera
Felicia Perera

Felicia, a Convent educated, talented and active lady qualified in Western Music served the society and her family in enormous ways.

She was a preschool and Western music teacher at Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy and Gampola in the 1960s and 1970s. She conducted the choir at St. Francis Saviour Church, Kadugannawa during the period.

A member of the Institute of Western Music and Speech, she was a devoted music teacher

Felicia was clever in cake and wine making, cookery, needle craft, interior decor and gardening. Her jams, preserves, cordials and chutneys were mouthwatering. She wouldn’t let anything go waste. Her interior decor with flower making, patchwork sewing and needle craft were appreciated by one and all. Many enjoyed her creations.

All her talents and capabilities put together gave her the opportunity of serving the National YWCA of Sri Lanka. As Manageress of the Rotunda Luncheon Club, Kollupitiya since 1979, Felicia played a big role to serve the institute and society.

Felicia married Dodwell Perera (late) in 1956 at All Saints Church, Borella. A devoted mother, she always focused on the uplift of the family and worked hard. Felicia was a caring and loving mother who sacrificed a lot and did her best for her daughter Melony and her grandchildren.

She educated and trained children with good principles. Her pleasing personality made her gain respect from all in society. They enjoyed her hospitality and piano music.

Felicia lived for the next generations quite hale and hearty till the end, when God called her.

Amma was saddened by the demise of her son-in-law, the late Srilal Jayetileke who passed away just two weeks before her.

“We Miss you Amma”

She leaves her loving daughter Melony, grandchildren Sonaly and Jehan, grandson in-law Niranjan and great grandchildren Sarosh, Nataliya and Nicolia. May her soul rest in peace.

M. Jayetileke