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Bad eating habits

8 January, 2023

At present, many people have got used to bad eating habits, eating unhealthy food without having nutritious food. They have junk food regularly, eat food with excessive amounts of calories, skip breakfast, and overeat. Now, youth have got used to having fast food often which has no nutritional value.

Junk food does not have all the nutrients and most of it has an excess of fat or sugar. Our ancestors ate fresh fruits and vegetables and had a well-balanced diet, which made them lead a healthy life. Bad eating habits can increase a person’s risk of being overweight, cause micronutrient deficiencies and reduce life expectancy. It can reduce your immunity too.

Due to bad eating habits, people can get non-communicable diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The competitive lifestyle of the present generation does not leave much room to think about nutrition and does not allow them to follow a balanced diet. Obesity is caused mainly by eating junk food regularly.

Having junk food can increase a person’s bodyweight in an unhealthy manner, leading to obesity. Research has shown that about 13 percent of the adults in the world are obese, and about 39 million children and 340 million adolescents are obese.

E.P. Senitha Rivinuka
Grade 11
Vidura College