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Expand your vocabulary

8 January, 2023

Circle A, B, C or D that most accurately fits the meaning and check your answers with the key.

1. Gourmet

Someone who

A. has indigestion

B. likes cooking

C. is hungry

D. has an expert

appreciation of food

2. Confection

A. sweet food

B. type of bread

C. mould

D. blender

3. Alfresco

A. fancy

B. strained

C. outdoor

D. sweet

4. Bisque

A. buttered biscuit

B. cream soup

C. table cloth

D. cafeteria

5. Masticate

A. gulp

B. boil

C. chew

D. to pour

6. Piquant

A. runny

B. sharp

C. streaming

D. lumpy

7. Quisling

A. interrogator

B. communicator

C. innocent partner

D. collaborating traitor

8. Ersatz

A. shell-shocked

B. shabbily dressed

C. fake

D. smartly dressed

9. Guerrilla

A. wild animal

B. independent soldier

C. machine gun

D. assassin

10. Fusillade

A. electric shock

B. military drill

C. armed struggle

D. series of shots

11. Salvo

A. simultaneous gunfire

B. medicine bag

C. salon

D. internal struggle

12. Blitzkrieg

A. battle field

B. army headquarters

C. bombardment

D. an intense

military campaign

13. Muslin

A. oily liquid

B. type of tree

C. plain-weave cotton fabric

D. barrel of a gun

14. Baroque

A. energetic

B. lively

C. lazy

D. ornate

15. Ostracise

A. exclude from a group

B. to hide

C. to minimise

D. cover up a mistake

16. Divan

A. diving bird

B. spoiled person

C. sofa without a back

D. a divine being

17. Ruminate

A. cry out in pain

B. meditate

C. search

D. crumple in a heap

18. Petard

A. small bomb

B. French pirate

C. hat

D. sword

19. Mantra

A. loose dress

B. heavy meal

C. an insult

D. repeated phrase

20. Exorcise

A. to exclude

B. exercise vigorously

C. plan carefully

D. free from evil spirits



1. D

2. A

3. C

4. B

5. C

6. A

7. D

8. C

9. B

10. D

11. A

12. D

13. C

14. D

15. A

16. C

17. B

18. A

19. D

20. D


10 – 14 Correct: Good

15 – 17 Correct: Excellent

18 – 20 Correct: Exceptional