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Wings’ Nadiye - more than mere music

8 January, 2023

After almost a two-year hiatus, Wings is making a comeback with their exciting new concept album.

Like most Sri Lankan artists, the band went through the lull created by Covid-19 and the economic crisis, but this did not hinder their creativity one bit. The Wings boys took advantage of the situation by spending time in the studio. But it’s not only the jam sessions; the band went to the drawing board and thought “inside” the box.

The result was ‘Nadiye’, a unique experience for die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Instead of an online release, Wings is going old-school with a one-of-kind, limited edition box-set that has exciting stuff like a CD, a flash drive, a poster and a lyric booklet among other surprises; complimenting their unique brand of home grown rock. The band says it’s their way of appreciating the industry, “Nadiye is the result of hours of hard work by songwriters, producers, sound engineers and visual artists. By purchasing this box-set you are actually supporting all these important people who make our music possible.”