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Pintanna opens oud store

22 January, 2023
Kumar Dharmasena Pic: Wimal Karunathilake
Kumar Dharmasena Pic: Wimal Karunathilake

Pintanna, a pioneer in the Sri Lankan Agarwood industry, held a press conference at the Waters Edge to launch the opening of its Pintanna Oud - outlet, and its signature brand Silani, dedicated to Sri Lanka’s indigenous plant, ‘Wallapatta’, also known as oud, and to raise awareness of the company’s future plans.

Thanks to years of research and knowledge gained through generations of experience in the Sri Lankan agarwood industry, Kumar Dharmasena’s Pintanna Group of Companies has conquered not only the local market but also the global market for oud through a fully transparent process from agarwood cultivation to exporting Agarwood products. Agarwood-related products have been successfully manufactured at the Pintanna factory in Ayagama, Sri Lanka.

Agarwood has been referred to as one of the most expensive and valuable plants in the world since ancient times. This is because agarwood has a distinct fragrance and is extremely rare among these agarwood species. Gyrinops walla, one of the rarest and most fragrant species, is native to Sri Lanka. The Pintanna Group of Companies is committed to ensuring that this rare species maintains its rightful place at the top of the agarwood industry.

Analysts said that the international market for agarwood oil will reach $166.5 million by 2026, up from $136.5 million in 2020. It is due to the demand for agarwood oil as a premium commodity on the global market. The Middle Eastern countries value “Wallapatta,” an Agarwood species endemic to Sri Lanka, more than gold. The resinous wood of agarwood, which we cultivate in the nutrient-rich soil at Pintanna estate in the Ratnapura district, is used to make many fragrances, tea, essential oils, medicine, cosmetic goods, and related by-products. Pintanna is the only organisation in Sri Lanka with an export licence and Government-issued permits to export Wallapatta-related products to the international market.

This company is a highly successful conglomerate that is on a sustainable journey with a 100% in-house production process that includes Sri Lanka’s first and only agarwood oil distillation factory.

Kumar Dharmasena’s sustainable visionary approach has resulted in The Pintanna estate running on a solar energy grid powered by over 100 cutting-edge solar panels. ThePintanna factory also has its own natural springs and waterfalls that are used in the distillation process. The factory’s roof is a natural rainwater harvesting system that is also used in the manufacturing process. Pintanna is the t pioneering Sri Lankan agarwood for these reasons.

Pintanna, which brings Sri Lankan oud to the international market as a 100% natural Sri Lankan product while supporting the local economy, plans to open the first outlet for “Silani oud” on January 19, 2023, in Nugegoda.

On January 28 this year, the Silani brand, which has conquered the global market, plans to open its and first overseas showroom for Sri Lankan oud, known as “Silani,” in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Pintanna also hopes to open showrooms in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait in the near future. The Pintanna hopes to achieve even greater success with Pintanna Oud (Pvt) Ltd. to launch Silani products to the global market in 2023, which will ultimately reduce foreign exchange flowing into the Sri Lankan economy while adding more value to the indigenous ‘Wallapatta’ plant. - IW