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‘Elections Commission cannot summon senior officials’

22 January, 2023

Although the Defence Secretary General (Rtd) Kamal Gunaratne received summons from the National Elections Commission (NEC) to attend a meeting to discuss security matters pertaining to the upcoming Local Government (LG) election on Wednesday, he has not turned up at the NEC.

Informed sources told the Sunday Observer that Gen. Gunaratne had not attended this meeting as the IGP had already attended a similar meeting and discussed the LG polls security issues.

A senior Government Minister said the NEC has no power to summon senior officials including the Defence Secretary. He said several problems had arisen as a result of the NEC discussing vital issues after calling the polls, whereas the usual practice is to iron out any issues before calling the polls.

The IGP has told the NEC that he has a manpower problem with regard to providing security for the LG poll.

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation officials are reported to have told the NEC that it has no funds to procure fuel for the thousands of vehicles that need to be deployed for the elections.

The Government is investigating threats made against two Members of the NEC. Reports have also surfaced of an internal rift among the members and staff of the NEC.