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Validity of football election: Court of Appeal issues notice

22 January, 2023

The injunction order by the Court of Appeal (CA) on the newly elected office bearers of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka cannot function until the writ filed by the petitioner on January 16 and case is completed. The next hearing will be on February 21 2023 and all Respondents, including the Minister of Sports, Sri Ranga the newly elected president of FFSL and the other newly elected office bearers will be given an opportunity of being heard.

The Petition filed by former Immediate past president Jaswar Umar alleges that he was wrongfully disqualified from contesting the election held on January 14.

The Petitioner has stated that the Minister, acting in collusion with rival candidates, directed the elections committee to disqualify him from contesting for the post of president of FFSL without giving him an opportunity of being heard.

Having heard the submission of all the counsels, the CA issued notice on Friday (20) on the Respondents and fixed the matter for argument on February 21.

A decision is expected on the question of validity of the election and the validity of the office bearers appointed.

Senior Counsel Eraj de Silva appeared for the Petitioner while Sumathi Dharmawardena PC, Additional Solicitor General appeared for the Minister and Sanjeewa Jayawardena PC appeared for Sri Ranga and some of the elected office bearers.