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A visit to a Botanical Garden

29 January, 2023

I visited the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens with my parents last December. It was a cold day. We went by car.

When we entered the garden, my father purchased the tickets for us. As soon as I entered, I saw many beautiful trees and flowers. It was a very big botanical garden. The colourful butterflies were flying around the flowers. There was a pond. The small colourful fish were there.

There were many memorial trees. The birds, squirrels and monkeys were on the trees. My father carried me to the Orchid House and there were very beautiful orchids. I saw bamboo trees, iron wood trees, banyan trees, palm trees and medicinal plants.

We visited the Green House too. The cactus garden was another attractive place. There were a variety of cacti with sharp points. My mother advised me strictly not to touch the cacti. My father showed me the suspension bridge. The Mahaweli river was flowing under the bridge.

It was a pleasant journey. I like to visit the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens again.


Adeesha Jayasekara

Grade 2

Wesley College (Primary)