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SLT-Mobitel Enterprise introduces digital technology to farming

5 February, 2023

SLT-Mobitel Enterprise, is empowering farmers by introducing the Fazenda Smart Agro solution integrating IoT and AI-based technology to Sri Lanka.

Developed by SLT-Mobitel Enterprise, the smart farming solution caters to macro- to large-scale farms and is currently launched as a pilot project at the University of Peradeniya, Kandy, and a commercial project in Balangoda Plantation, in collaboration with agrologists and SLT-Mobitel technical experts. This will enable precision agriculture concept for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Fazenda Smart Agro offers a comprehensive service for agribusiness enterprises, comprising a complete 24x7 monitoring and management solution that you can access from anywhere using a PC or Mobile.

Deploying the Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart farming to transform the future of local agriculture, the Fazenda Smart Agro solution is set to improve operational efficiency, maximize yield, and minimise wastage through real-time field data collection, data analysis, and deployment of control mechanisms.

The solution offers 24x7 real-time monitoring of farm conditions, threshold and location weather monitoring, crop analytics, water management, machine automation, and fertigation ensuring farmers reduce waste and enhance productivity, contributing towards healthy plant growth and better yield.

The solution infrastructure includes the Agro Sensing Network with multiple sensor setups to monitor agricultural parameters of soil, air, and rain, while the Smart Agro IoT platform is connected with wired/ wireless gateway to collect sensor data. Going beyond traditional monitoring, Fazenda Alerting Engine identifies anomalies in sensor data and generates real-time smart SMS alerts and the Fazenda Analytic Engine visualises historical sensor data.

The Fazenda Smart Agro Application platform collects data and analyses them. The Dashboard includes real-time readings of sensors and historical data with insights from AI-based data analytics. The data is downloadable and offers data visualisation and the ability to predict yields. Importantly, though the solution is cloud-based, data resides locally within SLT ensuring farmer’s data security.

The in-built yield management module offers daily management of harvested crops. The solution also comprises a Smart Agro Sensor Pack that makes farming processes data-driven and automated.

As part of Fazenda Smart Agro solution, the Portable Soil Tester, enables farmers, to analyse nutrients in the soil in an accurate, affordable, and reliable way. The Fazenda Portable Lite and Fazenda Portable Pro help to make easy informed decisions on how to fertilise the soils.

The Fazenda Smart Agro solution is a novel product to be introduced by SLT-Mobitel Enterprise, as it extends its portfolio and digital footprint across multiple sectors. The Fazenda Smart Agro solution future roadmaps include the ability to manage multiple farms and remote monitoring of enhanced fertigation and water management and extent it to the smart polyhouse.