New Commission soon to regulate state and private universities | Sunday Observer
Bill already drafted

New Commission soon to regulate state and private universities

12 March, 2023

The Government will set up a Commission to regulate all state and private universities in the country and a Bill has been drafted for the purpose.

At present, nearly 9,000 undergraduates study at private universities in the country. Some of these private universities are reported to be working in partnership with leading foreign universities. However, it has been revealed that some private universities which function in Sri Lanka are not registered with the University Grants Commission (UGC), Kurunegala District Senior Director of Education W.M. Balasooriya said.

He was addressing a meeting of parents whose children study at private universities.

Balasooriya said the Commission to be set up will regulate the fees and charges levied by private universities. The UCG too would come under its purview.

He said it has been revealed that certain private universities are functioning only for commercial purposes and the expected quality education is not provided.

Private universities levy high fees and charges from the students and these charges vary among private universities for the same degree courses. The Commission will look into the grievances of students who opt to study at private universities. More concessions will be given forlocal students who study at private universities when the Commission is set up, he added.