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Marina Anandappa

– A Pillar of Strength

19 March, 2023

That fateful day (19.3.2022) she bade goodbye to the world. It was an extremely sad day giving great pain to all who knew her. It is too much and too bitter to hear that she is no more. We were well wishers, sincere neighbours, friends and cheerful guys all in one closely knit to one another down First Lane, Dehiwala. It is with great respect that I remember the time we spent with her in the vicinity – a house next to ours. One could say that she was a darling angel of the lane adored by all of us. We have lost a sincere, genuine personality from our midst. A truly loving person, one of the kindest ever.

Her warmth and kindness quickly springs to mind. She was a very hospitable and caring lady and loved to feed the needy. She would even send somebody to close by Cargills or Keels to provide fruits for me when I was not well. We have very often enjoyed her mouth-watering short eats. Above all, she would get her husband while taking a daily walk up the lane, to hang a basket of flowers on the gate for our daily Buddha pooja. Space does not permit me to go into detail.

I was the one to pick the flowers in her garden on Friday evenings to go to the Temple on Saturday. She had a broad outlook on life. She was a devout Catholic and a regular church goer. She had a deep respect for the clergy and was equally loved by the church crowd.

She was an exceptionally fine person, calm, soft-spoken, well mannered with a friendly personality. She was born to a very respectable, well renowned family during imperial days. With a tall figure, she was a smart girl brought up in family tradition who grew up to be a pretty young lady along with her sister, Pearl. She entered matrimony quite young. Tony Anandappa was the lucky person to take her hand in life’s journey - an intellectual of rare calibre, an honest person who believed in honest performance of his duties. He is energetic and has a determined attitude to his responsibilities. The tasks he faced were completed to perfection with enthusiasm. He was a Consultant and held many professional positions, the most prestigious being the Plantation Sector. He did wonders in the Plantation Sector.

With his presence everybody, even in the lane, felt safe and sound. In his home front he was very happy that he had been blessed with a caring dedicated wife who attended to all his needs. She was actively participating in the household activities naturally in a happy family. She was a pillar of strength and a driving force behind all his activities. She led him to victory in every field.

She was a devoted wife and an affectionate mother to the late Adrian, Sandra and Deidre who are doing well in life with best academic achievements and charming grandma to Joel and Sonella. Late Adrian was a versatile student attending St. Peters College, Colombo.

Though Sandra is domiciled in Canada, she used to be back in Sri Lanka to enjoy life at important occasions and also in time of need to be with her. Deidre was attached to the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo performing well in her profession. Marina guided them all with her ideas and firm advice. She was so kind hearted and loved by the kids around so much that I can remember my grandson referring to her as Chocolate aunty.

She was such a lovable and generous person. With memories deep-rooted we have a special place in our hearts, reminiscing the good old days spent with her. We were one family down First Lane patronised by her on many occasions. In view of the sweet fragrance of the days gone by, this is a tribute to a warm and cheerful lady for a beautiful life well spent.

May her soul Rest in Peace.

– Rupa Banduwardena, Melbourne, Australia.