Five injured in Kilinochchi sports meet assault, four arrested | Sunday Observer

Five injured in Kilinochchi sports meet assault, four arrested

1 April, 2023

A group of drunken youths had stormed into the stadium and attacked a large number of people, during the annual inter-house sports meet of Shanthapuram Kalaimagal Vidyalaya in Kilinochchi which was being held there and five persons including a student had been admitted to the Kilinochchi hospital on Thursday March 30. Twelve people suffered injuries due to this unexpected attack and five had to be hospitalized. A group of parents who had gone into the stadium during the attack, had caught four of the youth who had come and locked them in a room of the school and later handed them over to the police.

Information has been revealed that the four persons who were handed over to the police are youths who had been arrested and later released in connection with three lawless acts that took place in Kilinochchi area a few days ago. The reason for such an attack on the stadium by these youths has not been revealed so far and they have not said anything about it to the police either.

The Kilinochchi police are conducting investigations into the incident.