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People’s Bank strikes Gold at Technnovation Awards

2 April, 2023
People’s Bank officials receive the awards
People’s Bank officials receive the awards

People’s Bank was again recognised at the fifth edition of the LankaPay Technnovation Awards at the Shangri-La Hotel recently.

The bank was awarded two Gold Awards – ‘The Most Popular Digital Payment Product’ (Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions - Internet Banking), and ‘The Best Common ATM Enabler of the Year - Category A’.

Chairman of People’s Bank, Sujeewa Rajapakse said, “We are again honoured to be acknowledged by our peers at the Technnovation Awards. Our team at People’s Bank has been awarded the Gold Award in two prestigious categories and an overall merit award for implementing ‘Excellence in Interbank Digital Payment’ (Banking institutions). We as Pride of the Nation are constantly looking at ways to offer the benefits of the most cutting-edge technology to enhance the lives of the masses and achievements such as these acts as strong encouragement for us in this endeavour.”

People’s Bank Acting CEO and General Manager, Clive Fonseka said, “We are proud of the banking facilities we provide, our team at People’s Bank is constantly looking at ways to provide an enhanced banking experience for our customers through our suite of digital banking products.

“We are also pleased that users of most of our digital banking products are not limited to the Western Province. For example one of our key online products, People’s Wave has over 70% of its active users outside the Western Province.

As such, our digital banking products have made a significant contribution to the Bank’s mission of driving financial inclusivity,” he said. People’s Wave app permits customers to carry out a wide range of banking transactions anytime, anywhere, without having to step into a branch.

People’s Bank also received the Gold Award for ‘Best Common ATM Enabler of the Year’ based on the number of transactions carried out through People’s Bank ATMs.

The transactional volumes were measured annually from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. People’s Bank ATMs are preferred because of the Bank’s digitisation expertise and accessibility, being one of the widest single automated machine networks in the country. People’s Bank now has over 290 self-banking units and over 1,200 self-service automated machines across the country.