Maliban supports local farmers with cattle donation | Sunday Observer

Maliban supports local farmers with cattle donation

21 May, 2023

Maliban released its 2533rd cow as part of its long-term livelihood development program ‘Maliban Abhaya Daanya Project’ focused on farmers and their families.

The cattle donation was held at the Bellanwila Rajamaha Vihara recently. Being one of the largest food manufacturers in the country, their commitment towards society has made great strides in the past year, where purpose and profit come together with thoughtful initiatives such as this. This concept was developed by Chairman Rathnapala Samaraweera in 2008 to motivate and support farmers. Maliban has always been associated with saving cows from being slaughtered and giving rescued cows to farmer families around the country. 

Funded by Maliban Milk Products, for every 100 MT of milk, a cattle cow is released to a farmer. In return, the farmers can earn an extra income by selling milk, especially to low-income families. The Maliban Milk Village, dedicated to this CSR initiative, is where the farmers will be using cow dung for their compost to grow vegetables and fruits, which is an added value of earning more income for the farmers. 

Maliban will continue to engage in this program to improve farmers’ livelihoods around the country especially during the current economic crisis.