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Book on Independent Catholic Church of Goa, Ceylon and India

The research book titled ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches’ was launched by Zachariah Nicholovos (Metropolitan of the North East American Diocese and President of the Ecumenical Relations Department of the Malankara Church) by presenting a copy to Chorbishop Kuriakose Moolayil (Syriac Scholar and Faculty at Malankara Syriac Seminary) of the Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church of India. The event was held at Sofia Centre, Old Seminary Campus, (Kottayam, Kerala, India) on Aug 15.

Penned by Dr. Ajesh T. Philip and George Alexander, the book is a result of intense ‘field’ and ‘document-research’ (over the past nine years) on the missionary efforts of Metropolitan Alvares Julius, Archbishop Rene Vilatte and the leaders of the Independent Catholic Movement (Western Rite Orthodox) which flourished in Goa, South India, Ceylon, USA, UK and European countries. The book portrays the religious and social life as well as the struggles of Independent Catholic Christians in Portuguese Goa, British Raj, and British Ceylon.

First day sales money was donated to Kerala flood victims

The amount of the first day sales of the MARP book was donated to the Chief Minister’s Distress relief fund to support and help victims of the devastating floods in Kerala. The amount of Rs. 7,000 (inclusive of charity support of OCP benefactors) was donated to the ‘Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund’ in memory of Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius, who was a well-known philanthropist and the ‘Apostle of Charity’.

The book is a world-wide release and paperback copies can be purchased through LULU Books, Amazon, Ingram, Barnes and Noble. E-book is available on LuLu books as well.