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Fitness program for Hemas employees

Hemas Holdings PLC launched its Corporate Wellness Fitness Program ‘Fit for Life’ for the third year in a row, to all Group employees.

Conducted in partnership with Sweatshop Fitness, the program has added value to employees as fitness is a step towards overall health and well being.

During this intense three-month program, fitness professionals from Sweatshop Fitness will work with each team of employees belonging to different sectors of the Group and train them to reach their weight reduction goals.

Each sector will compete in this unique fitness competition battling it out to lose as much weight and body fat as possible. During the past two years around 700 kg has been lost collectively by the Hemas employees who took part in this competition.

“It’s evident that the connection between fitness and performance is hard to ignore in the context of corporate performance,” said Corporate Wellness Manager of Hemas Holdings, Shanelle de Almeida.

Hemas Holdings has its own wellness team that caters to overall employee well being. The model is holistic and focuses on physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual wellness.