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The poor and homeless

In Sri Lanka, poverty is a huge problem because there are many people who are poor and homeless. There are many reasons for poverty such as people not having proper jobs, not saving enough money and wasting money on unnecessary things. As a result of poverty people are homeless and desperate.

Many people do not have homes of their own and they cannot fulfill their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. The short term solutions are by giving them donations, dry rations and temporary shelter. The long term solutions are helping them to find good jobs, providing them with vocational training and to encourage people to be self employed.

It is also important to educate people on saving money and not to waste money on unnecessary things. This can be done in schools and community centres. I believe that by implementing the above mentioned short term and long term solutions, Sri Lanka would be able to solve the problems of the poor and homeless.


Thihansa Vimukthi Alutwala,

Grade 4,

Asian International School,