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A Shawol speaks

On stage, they are singing,
Without you.
Leaving an empty place for your presence
Their sweet voices calms our hearts,
But at the same time ur bright smile
Appears in front of our souls.
We ask ‘where's our bling’
But who answers?
We just sit looking at this empty place.
There comes a moment,
That we all can't bear it anymore.
We start to cry,
We shout.
Some says we are freaks,
Some says we are fools.
But the unbearable pain in that crying,
The true feelings in that shouting,
Only could understand by gods.
Bangtan!!!They scream,
and we, we look at the stage.
That sweet voices have gone,
Instead, seven stars has shone.
And we smile at them
And then started to scream BTS!!!
Leaving the pain behind,
And making it just a moment of past.

Chamodi Peduruarachchi,
Grade 11F,
Sri Sumangala Girls’ School,