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Flying Kites

Flying kites is a popular pastime in our country. There are kites of different shapes, colours and sizes. Cobra and peacock shaped kites are most popular among children. August is the best season for flying Kites in Sri Lanka because it is dry and windy. Furthermore, children have their school holidays in August. This gives them much time to fly kites and have fun. Making a kite is easy and inexpensive. Kites can be made using the midrib of the coconut leaflets or bamboo sticks, tissue papers, cotton twin and glue.

It is believed that the first kite was made in China. In the past, kites were used in war to send signals to troops. Even today the Chinese consider kites as a symbol of good fortune. So, as a hobby flying kites is very interesting.


Chisaru Shehan,

Grade 7,

Shasthraravinda Pirivena,

Polgolla, Kurunegala.