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Save smart with CLC Savings Accounts

Terrence Kaushalya
Terrence Kaushalya

Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC (CLC), has launched a range of saving account solutions that have been touted to be the smartest, safest and most convenient way of saving and accessing your day to day financial needs, whilst providing the ability to benefit from increasingly high returns.

With CLC Savings accounts, you get the flexibility and convenience needed from a savings account, with an unmatched range of facilities offered to all customers. CLC savings account give you access to a host of online and digital banking options, such as online banking and mobile banking with a dedicated multi-platform mobile application so that you can be in charge of your finances anytime, anywhere, 24/7! With the ability to pay bills instantly with over 50 service providers via online and mobile banking, as well as the ease of making transactions between financial institutions in a matter of clicks ensures that CLC’s saving accounts give their customers flexibility greater than any other option in the market. What’s more, all these facilities are provide to customers absolutely free of charge, with no additional joining fees or hidden annual membership charges to worry about.

The benefits of opening a CLC account don’t stop there. With the ability to withdraw money from any VISA Automated Teller Machine, island wide, completely free of charge, you’ll have physical access to your money once again anywhere, and at any time. No matter which VISA ATM you choose, you can withdraw your money completely hassle free and without any irksome bank charges.

CLC also extends this flexibility and ease of access to both companies and their employees.