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Fine Furniture expands luxury furniture range

Fine Furniture, a premium brand kitchen and interior product solutions provider with exclusive partnerships in world class genuine European luxury furniture brands is gearing up to meet the fast growing ‘luxury living’ market segment in Sri Lanka, expanding its product range to offer their elite clientele the most exclusive kitchens and furniture.

The sophisticated top notch showroom at Nawala, displaying a wide spectrum of elegant interior products of 14 genuine European luxury brands, including Häcker Kitchens German made, famous amongst leading celebrities and personalities around the world for premium quality, functionality, innovation, style & elegance, offers the latest European design and technology to social elites in Sri Lanka. Commenting on the tendency to invest substantially on the exterior than on the interior when one is building a new house or remodeling the existing home, the Chairman and founder of Fine Furniture Martin Klement points out that it should be the other way around.

“This is a phenomena we see right across all segments of the society.

Though it is important that your dream piece of architecture looks splendid and impressive in the appearance of the exterior it is more sensible to adopt a prudent and rationalist approach to luxury and quality living as it is in the interior one invariably spends bulk of his or her household time” explains Chairman Klement.

“When you buy from Fine Furniture you invest in long-lasting, premium quality world class products made with time consuming attention to detail together with outstanding design, function and performance

for a new way of living,” stressed Klement.